Benefits of Membership in GHCHF

How Your Co-op and Members Benefit From Membership

GHCHF Co-op Members


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Fort Erie

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Co-op Support

Help and advice when you need it – answers to your questions are just a phone call away.

Representation & Advocacy

GHCHF represents and defends the rights and interests of housing co-ops at the local level by:

  • Working with local housing networks
  • Building links with provincial, municipal government and agencies
  • Involvement with the co-op housing sector and other related groups

Co-op Programs

GHCHF members get access to exclusive programs that make the most of your co-op’s money and support the future of your co-op’s members:

  • Co-op Cost Cutters
  • Co-operative Young Leaders
  • Diversity Scholarship Fund

Resources & Education

Our education program offers forums, scheduled workshops and tailored portable workshops at your co-op to support and foster healthy communities. These options are available for Boards, members and staff. These services can be provided in-person or virtually using Zoom. Other resources include downloads and links to support your co-op’s management, governance and community building.

Services Designed for Co-ops

Our services are delivered by skilled instructors who understand co-ops. Most services are available to members without additional costs and are included in the member dues. Each member co-op receives three free chairing services and a free board basics portable workshop each year. Other services are provided at cost by charging a nominal fee. These services include:

  • Tendering for Management
  • Conflict Resolution & Mediation
  • Portable workshops customized for your co-op’s needs

Helping People Find a Co-op

As a value-added benefit, we help place new members into co-ops through our Find a Co-op online directory. The GHCHF website sees a lot of traffic for people looking to learn more about co-operative housing and connecting with a co-op in their area.