About the Golden Horseshoe CHF

Since 1986, A Collective Voice for Housing Co-ops

Our Mission

To serve Golden Horseshoe CHF member housing co-ops with principled guidance, education and advocacy

Our Vision

Successful Housing Co-ops through supportive leadership

The GHCHF is a co-operative, democratic, non-profit organization which acts as a collective voice for housing co-ops and associated organizations in the Hamilton / Niagara Regions. The GHCHF is financed by annual member dues, fees for services, revenue sharing with CHF Canada, and contracts for special projects.

The Golden Horseshoe Co-operative Housing Federation currently has 56 members: 48 Housing Co-operatives, 2 Service Managers, and 6 associate non-voting members. We have 9 Directors, 8 elected by our housing co-op members, and 1 nominated by the Property Management Companies. Member co-ops can send delegates to our Member’s meetings and our Annual Members’ Meeting held each January.

Our History

The federation was founded in 1986 as the Co-operative Housing Federation of Hamilton and, in 1994, changed its name to The Golden Horseshoe Co-operative Housing Federation to better reflect its expansion to include member co-ops throughout the Niagara Peninsula.

The GHCHF provides consultation and educational services to member co-ops and co-ordinates political lobbying at all levels of government. In addition, we provide a resource library, co-ordinated “bulk purchasing”, financial services, staff resources and governance advice. An electronic newsletter is published monthly and time-sensitive information is emailed to member co-ops when needed. A neutral chair service is also available for difficult meetings.

Important Dates

GHCHF Hosted Events

Last Saturday in January: Winter Workshops Conference and Annual General Meeting

April 1st each year: Applications for Diversity Scholarship Open

Third Thursday in May: General Members Meeting Resolutions for CHF AGM

May 31st each year: Applications for Diversity Scholarship Close

Second Thursday in August: Diversity Scholarship Reception

Third Thursday in October: General Members Meeting Budget Approval